Past Winners of the Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge

Congratulations to Solace Power, the winner of 6th Entrepreneurial Challenge.

Solace Power Winner of the 6th Sikorsky Entrepreneurial ChallengeL to R: Jonathan Hartman from Sikorsky Innovations; Neil Chaulk, Rane Brennan, and Magnus Nyberg from Solace Power

Notable Entrants

Cadenza Innovation, LLC, based in Wilton, Connecticut (Special Recognition, 6th Challenge)

Identify3D, based in San Francisco, California (Special Recognition, 6th Challenge)

Response Technologies, LLC, based in Cumberland, Rhode Island (Honorable Mention, 6th Challenge)

iQagent, based in Alpharetta, Georgia (Honorable Mention, 6th Challenge)

Who are some of the other companies who have entered and won the Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge in the past?