Processing IoT Data from Remote Pumps and Systems — Mouser Electronics

Editor’s note: In research for the TechAloft Newsletter, we found several companies that are working with sensors and data fusion. Although they have not entered the EChallenge, we offer their accomplishments as exemplars in the field.

Mouser Electronics of Texas is a distributor of semiconductors and electronic components. The company makes sensors for many uses.

“An unattended pump operating in a remote location is always at some risk of failing” Mouser says on its website. “A few years ago, a remote sensor may have been in place to identify if it were running hot or had even failed. Now, the same pump can also be monitored for vibration, exhaust chemistry, bearing noise, and the external conditions around it. The system would also know in advance whether it is likely that the entire pump must be replaced or just a component. The same general idea applies to monitoring an aircraft engine in flight, a building elevator, or just about anything mechanical.”

Much of Mouser’s research is concentrated on use of the cloud to store data and efficiently disseminate information.

Companies like Mouser and Mouser’s partners would be ideal candidates to help satisfy the requirements of the 8th Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge, which is looking for a system of sensor data fusion able to gather and identify information from all parts of an aircraft, from blade integrity to virtually every function while airborne. It would be robust and muscular, while using as few onboard resources (power and weight) as possible.


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