To be considered for the Entrepreneurial Challenge, the application must include the following:

  • Identity of the company and team.
  • Specific Focus Area the team is applying to. If a team has a product applicable to more than one Focus Area, they must submit one application per Focus Area.

Eligible applications may NOT contain the following:

  • Any information the team deems proprietary.
  • Any third party proprietary information.
  • Audio-visual material, including videos (static graphics only).
  • Hyperlinks, QR codes or any other directional aid that directs reviewers to additional information outside the 5-page limit. Only information contained within the application will be reviewed.
  • Photographs of any team members.

There is no set of topics required in the application, but insightful submissions generally include:

  • Introduction/Business summary
  • Development to date
  • Competitive differentiation of the technology/product/offering
  • Patent portfolio (if applicable)
  • Competition landscape
  • Basic company financials
  • Team description

We hope we have created a simple application process. Please consider applying at the Sikorsky EChallenge application page.

View a Sample Application.