Internet of Things

The Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge: Internet of Things (IOT) Guidelines

Industry Need: (Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge 7): Robust, high bandwidth data transmission to and from Internet of Things sensors/processors.  Submit your application here.

Background:  Two key use cases have been identified for robust, high bandwidth data transmission: Helicopter rotor blades, wind turbine blades, maritime propellers, jet turbine components and many other rotating elements are critical to the operation of modern vehicles. Sensors mounted on these components generate valuable real-time data pertaining to safety and reliability. But transmission of this data in real time is currently bandwidth and reliability limited. High data rate, “underwater WiFi” communication needs are developing in multiple areas. Current technologies either have limited data rates or short working distances. Methods to improve the ability to transfer data faster and farther while underwater are needed.

The Requirement:   A solution that creates and manages robust, reliable transmission of real-time data from either: a rotating element to a fixed frame, or, from one point to another underwater.

Video: Sikorsky’s Simon Gharabian gives the Keynote Presentation at IOT Evolution Expo in Las Vegas, August, 2015

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