The Experts Speak: How Sikorsky plans to to leverage new tech for aerospace innovation

The following Webinar features detailed explanations from top Sikorsky engineers on IoT, Augmented Reality, Non-Destructive Testing, and Next-Generation Propulsion Technologies.

Esteemed speakers include:

Nick Lappos, Senior Technical Fellow, Advanced Technology
David Walsh, Technical Fellow, Flight Test
Ryan Patry, Staff Engineer, Advanced Manufacturing
Joseph Simonetti, Technical Fellow, Propulsion

The goal of the 7th Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge is to engage leaders in fields such as IOT, Augmented Reality, Digital Manufacturing and Next Generation Engines and explore how breakthroughs in those fields can improve current and future aircraft. The winner gets a $25,000 prize, along with an opportunity to explore, with Sikorsky, the practical application of their technology for Sikorsky’s product line.

Visit for more details on the process.

Apply for the 2016 Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge by our May 20th deadline:


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