Mission: Your Tech, In the Air

Is Your Tech Aerospace Worthy?

If you are an engineering startup with concepts in the areas of Digital Manufacuring, IoT, Augmented Reality, or Next-Generation Engines you should really consider learning about the 7th Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge.

Today’s Most Difficult Engineering Challenges.

Sikorsky is looking for agile technology leaders across all industry domains that embody the entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and management style to complement the qualities of an established industry leader.

Sikorsky is Looking For Solutions in the Fields of:

If you have technology in these areas, please consider applying for the Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge.  The deadline is Friday, May 20 at 5pm EDT.  Click here to apply and learn more.

(Get more information on the submission requirements for the Sikorsky Entreprenurial Challenge.)
Winners and Awardees of the Entrepreneurial Challenge will be able to leverage Sikorsky’s industry knowledge and relationships.  The company encourages individuals or teams incubating new ideas around the globe, whether working in a garage or in a Fortune 500 company, to apply.  If you are not a startup, you still can win these funds.

Imagine Sikorsky as your Customer.

The products that Sikorsky makes cost in the millions and are engineered for maximum availability. If your technology can impress the engineers at Sikorsky, you can leverage that relationship and your participation in the program in discussions with prospects and potential collaborators.
So, in summary:
  • Sikorsky is a customer/partner with the highest standards in engineering – that makes them a great reference as you seek to work with other customers and partners.
  • If your tech is in the area of Augmented Reality, Digital Manufacturing, Next-Generation Propulsion Engines, or Internet of Things, please consider applying to the Entrepreneurial Challenge: click here to enter the EChallenge.