Apply Because…?

Solace Power Winner of the 6th Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge
Solace Power. Winners of the 6th Sikorsky Entrepreneurial Challenge.
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There are a number of reasons you should apply for the Sikorsky EChallenge.

Money: Winners get $25K in non-dilutive funds to work on their company.  No giving up equity, no taking out loans or personal guarantees.  Just cash that you can use to hire a contractor, update your marketing, purchase equipment, grow your business.
Access to Senior Engineering Executives and Business Unit Leadership: Entering the challenge is a great way to develop a relationship with the team that runs Sikorsky Innovations, the R&D arm of the world’s largest helicopter company, Sikorsky Aircraft.  The Sikorsky team is passionate about being the best, and are very interested in meeting entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of technology.
Experience with the Best in the Business:  While the Sikorsky team is excited to learn about your technology, technology has to “earn its way into the cockpit” through a maze of strategists, engineers, regulators, flight testers, customers, etc. If you can defend your technology and get it even close the the cockpit, you will have improved your organization and credibility in countless ways.
So, please visit the Sikorsky EChallenge site and apply.